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  1. Nylon Guys Magazine interview (Fall 2007)
  2. Calvin Klein's ad campaign for its new in2u fragrance featured Kevin Zegers, as reported in the Mar 8 article in the New York Times. The commercial ad shows him in a romantic scene with a model, Freja Beha Erichsen. Kevin is sporting a simple t-shirt whose snug fit and high-cut sleeves reveal the muscular look that put him in People Magazine's "100 Most Beautiful" 2006 list. (Mar 8, 2007)
  3. KEVIN ZEGERS is good-looking. That wholesome, all-American, Tom Cruise kind of good-looking normally found only in Tommy Hilfiger adverts and made-for-TV Hallmark movies. Interview with (Dec 29, 2006)
  4. Kevin attended the 17th Annual MuchMusic Video Awards, Toronto (June 18, 2006) accompanied with Marisa Coughlan. After a rumored split, the two are apparently a couple once again.
  5. interview (early 2006)
  6. Cannes Film Festival selected Kevin as its Chopard Award winner for 2006. The award was presented to Kevin May 20, 2006 by Elton John at Cannes.
  7. People Magazine included Kevin in its 100 Most Beautiful issue (May 8, 2006)
  8. Kevin Zegers accepted the "Outstanding Film" award for Transamerica at the 17th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles. Apr 8, 2006.
  9. Katie Zegers, mother of twins Chloe and Mallory, gave birth to Brady James Pepper Jan 2006.
  10. Attitude Magazine (March 2006) interview
  11. ID Magazine (March 2006) interview
  12. Interview Magazine (March 2006) interview
  13. People Magazine feature (Jan 2006)
  14. London Free Press interview (Jan 12, 2006)
  15. 17th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival - Interview with Rebecca Murray (Jan 7, 2006)
  16. Toronto Star - Feature articles on Kevin Zegers by Rita Zekas and Garnet Fraser (Jan 1, 2006)
  17. TORO Magazine (winter 2005) profile
  18. Out Magazine interview (Jan 2006 issue)
  19. Transamerica - Kevin attended the showings of Transamerica at several film festivals, including Berlin (Feb 2005), San Francisco (June 2005), and Toronto (Sept 2005)
  20. Kevin and girlfriend Marisa Coughlan attended the showing of Transamerica on the closing day (June 26, 2005) of the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. After the film, Kevin and director Duncan Tucker answered questions from the audience.
  21. Transamerica distribution rights for North America were picked up by the Weinstein Co. (owned by the former owners of Miramax). The film was recently featured at the Netherlands Transgender Film Festival (May 18, 2005).
  22. New York Metro's guide to the Tribeca Film Festival includes a plug for Transamerica and its "handsome" co-star Kevin Zegers! (Apr 25, 2005).
  23. 4 Days was released on DVD in Hong Kong (Region 0, NTSC, English soundtrack). Copies have been sold on eBay (April 05)
  24. Huffman: "I felt so ugly that whole movie, and there I am acting with beautiful Kevin Zegers."
    (Read the interview with Transamerica star Felicity Huffman, Apr 23, 2005)
  25. Zegers Earns Praise from Variety Magazine for Transamerica (Variety Magazine movie review, Feb 21, 2005)
  26. During the Berlin Film Festival, the 19th TEDDY Awards 2005 (a special awards program for gay-lesbian themed films) awarded Transamerica the SIEGESSÄULE (Magazine) Reader's Jury Award.
  27. Kevin attended the 55th Berlin International Film Festival (Feb 10 - 20, 2005 at the Potsdamer Platz in downtown Berlin) for Transamerica. He's been growing his hair long. Duncan Tucker, Transamerica director, learned that fans were contacting the Festival asking when Kevin would be arriving. A Festival official said that Kevin is in fact quite well known among young TV viewers. Kevin returned from Germany Feb 20.
  28. The Official Kevin Zegers website has been suspended (Jan 2005).
  29. Some Things That Stay was filmed in the summer of 2003. Kevin was 18 at the time, and was filming this at the same time as Dawn Of The Dead. The director Gail Harvey first met Kevin Zegers at the set of Wrong Turn, and became an instant fan. She met him again at the premiere of The Incredible Mrs Ritchie, and asked him to do the film. Kevin read the script and liked it a lot because it was rare to find a coming-of-age film about a girl. Gail Harvey says Kevin did a "brilliant" job.
  30. Kevin is an uncle! His younger sister Katie gave birth to two girls, Chloe and Mallory! (Dec 2004)
  31. Kevin started dating actress Marisa Coughlan October 2004. No confirmation of any engagement.
  32. Kevin Zegers has lifted 285 lbs in bench press as recorded in
  33. Kevin has a six-pack! While filming Some Things That Stay, Kevin showed off his majorly-buffed abs in some scenes displaying the 18-year-old jock shirtless! Kevin said he kept himself in good shape while making this film (filmed concurrently with Dawn of the Dead).
  34. Kevin's muscular look certainly got the fans' attention in Wrong Turn and The Incredible Mrs Ritchie. But for his "small-screen" appearances in Smallville (2003) and House (2004), Kevin adopted a leaner bod...and still managed to look impossibly hot! However, recent pictures of Kevin at the Silver Gallery Silver Spoon pre-Oscar Hollywood Buffet (Feb 24, 2005, with girlfriend Marisa Coughlan) seem to suggest that Kevin is bulking up again.
  35. Fans Talk About Kevin's Guest Appearance on Fox TV's House
  36. Woodstock Actor In Guest Role On New Medical Show - interview with Woodstock Sentinel-Review (11/04)
  37. Kevin Zegers: A Canadian in Hollywood - interview with (9/04)
  38. Kevin says he owns fifteen pairs of jeans and 30 pairs of shoes (Teen Vogue, 3/04)
  39. Kevin Zegers signed up to play in the Mike Weir-Dino Ciccarelli Charity Classic golf tournament 7/26/04 at Huron Oaks in Sarnia (Ontario). But he had to drop out due to work commitments (probably his guest appearance in the TV series House).
  40. The Incredible Mrs Ritchie won three Daytime Emmy awards (nominated for five):
    -- Outstanding Children/Youth/Family Special
    -- Outsanding Writing in a ChildrenYouth/Family Special: Paul Johansson
    -- Best performer in a Children/ Youth Family Special: Gena Rowlands. (5/20/04).
  41. The hot young star heads to the dark side in Dawn of the Dead - interview by Ocean Drive Manazine (4/04)
  42. Kevin has a tattoo on his left ring finger. that says "CHIBAW," which stands for the six traits his ideal girl will have: Confidence, Honesty, Intelligence, Beauty, Ambition, and Wisdom.
  43. Zegers Tackling Zombies In Dawn Remake - interview by Geoff Dale (3/13/04)
  44. Staying in shape for Dawn of the Dead (from the Geoff Dale interview) : Zegers admits he had to be in good physical shape to handle what turned out to be an often strenuous three and half a month shoot , filled with 18-hour-days in a totally restored vacant mall in Thornhill (substituting for the heart of Wisconsin). "I always try to stay in shape regardless," he said. "Unless the role calls for you to put on a lot of weight. But usually you stay in the best shape possible because looking good and taking care of yourself is part of the profession. This is my job."
  45. Aww Yeah! Kevin Zegers - interview with YM Magazine (5/04) NOTE: the article says Kevin grew up in St Mary's. Actually, Kevin was born in St Mary's but grew up in Woodstock.
  46. Some Things That Stay (2/6/04)
  47. Teen Vogue Magazine (3/04 issue, on newstands 2/04)
  48. In 2003, Kevin kept himself in shape by doing a LOT of running (10 miles at a time!), as well as playing ice hockey and golf! He plays with a pickup hockey team a couple of days a week, and goes running in the mornings with his Hollywood Hills roommate Chris William Martin.
  49. Attended the Teen Choice Awards with Kaley Cuoco (The Hollow), 8/2/03. Kevin and Kaley dated for a while after that, but eventually broke up.
  50. Kevin and the Hollywood Knights won their games against Canyon HS, Anaheim (4/2/03), Van Nuys HS, Van Nuys, 11/13/02, and California HS, Whittier, 11/23/02. One fan who attended the Anaheim game reported that Kevin was really nice about giving autographs and posing for photos...and was also looking quite buff!
  51. His dad says Kevin is a great golfer (heard during the shooting of Mrs Ritchie)
  52. Attended the EA Games Launch Party at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood, CA, 11/7/02.
  53. Attended the "Facing Forward" fund-raiser at Burberry's fashion store in Beverly Hills, CA, 10/24/02
  54. Kevin moved to California in the summer of 2002 when he was 17. He shares a Hollywood Hills home with fellow Canadian actor Chris William Martin (Felicity).
  55. Flatfooted? - a common rumor about Kevin. See and
  56. Kevin was born in St Marys, Ontario Sept 19, 1984, and grew up in Woodstock, Ontario.
  57. Calgary Sun interview, "Teen Savours Pet Projects" (10/14/02)
  58. London Free Press interview, "Enough With The Animals" (10/10/02)
  59. Zegers will costar in "The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie" (9/24/02)
  60. Virginia's Run debuts at California film festival (3/4/02)
  61. Kevin joined the Hollywood Knights celebrity basketball team, 2/02. He played two games: Feb 7 (St John Bosco High School, Bellflower, CA) and Feb 10 (Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA).
  62. Kevin Zegers Q & A with the Canadian hottie (PopStar! Magazine, 12/01 issue)
  63. The Real Kevin Zegers (Popstar! Magazine, 11/01 issue)
  64. Teen Celebrity Magazine interview (2/01 issue)
  65. MVP Trivia from Kevin Zegers' film commentary (1/30/01)
  66. Year 2000 - The Year That Was Kevin's (1/1/01)
  67. Soap Opera Weekly interview (12/19/00)
  68. Kevin Zegers in "Chicanery Moon" (12/16/00) (Kevin hasn't committed to this film yet.)
  69. Kevin Zegers: Bench Pressing 205 Pounds! (11/4/00)
  70. Attended the "On Tour For A Cure" event at the Barker Hanger, Santa Monica, CA, 11/19/00.
  71. Kevin Zegers Is On The Rise! (Teen Beat) (11/00 issue)
  72. Zegers: $9 photo sells for $202.50 on eBay (10/2/00)
  73. - Kevin Zegers (~Oct, 2000) (~10/00)
  74. Kevin Zegers' biography in (~ 10/00)
  75. London Free Press interview, "Teen Titan" (8/12/00)
  76. Toronto Sun movie review, "M.V.P." (8/11/00)
  77. Interview with National Post (Canada) (8/8/00)
  78. Canadian teen lands role in new Spelling series Titans (7/00)
  79. BOP Magazine interview (7/00 issue)
  80. 'Oh, Yasmine, it's Kevin calling...' (~summer 2000)
  81. Four news articles about Kevin Zegers from 1997 and 1998
  82. Kevin has two sisters: Krista (older) and Katie