Kevin Zegers in Chicanery Moon

By cpps90
Dec 16, 2000

(NOTE: As of September 2002, Kevin was not going to appear in this film. Filming is currently scheduled to begin Jan 2003.)

According to information in, Kevin will be appearing in the debut feature of British director Stephen Gibbons Chicanery Moon

The following film description from director Stephen Gibbons was found at

Chicanery Moon" takes the old cliche of rites-of-passage, and adds a new interesting and provocative perspective. It's definitely a story that has never been told before. From the harrowing and downright disturbing chain of events that haunts our character Ben from an early age, up to the character's transition into the world and the workplace at the age of 17 we follow him on a difficult journey; A journey where he finds himself.

But Ben thinks the majority of people won't accept who he finds himself to be. Overall, the film outlines how Ben finds the strength to reconcile the memories of the past with the events of the present. At the end of his journey, he will understand that the people we love can also hurt us, but Ben will have the wisdom to understand that the people he truly loves are worthy of his forgiveness.

Stephen Gibbons

"Chicanery Moon" (2001) is his feature debut, and is partly based on his real life experiences as a child at school.

Credited cast overview:

Harry Shearer .... Tom Lewis
Nicola Duffett
Stephen Gibbons .... Andrew Peterson
Bill Larson .... TV Anchor
Veronica Cartwright .... Helen Lewis
Henry Thomas .... Lance Matthew
Kevin Zegers .... Jake Thomas

Director: Stephen Gibbons

Web site:   (NOTE: this web site is still under construction.)
Status: Pre-production (Dec 3, 2000)

About Stephen Gibbons
Born - 29 April 1971,
Swindon, Wiltshire, England, UK

UK-born director Stephen Gibbons started making movies at the age of 11 and was consistantly dedicated to becoming a Director. Stephen proceeded to make a huge selection of mini "cops and robbers" films with his peers, which led him to discover his passion for writing and directing. This full time "hobby that soon became an obsession" continued all through his formative years, and when leaving College after a successful 2 year course in Film and Communication, Stephen set up his own commercial production company. Stephen was Producer, Director and Narrator of "The Florida Blue"; shot at the Kennedy Space Centre, the film documented the flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia on mission STS-83. His big breakthrough was the short film "Drug Abuse" (2000) which he wrote and directed.