'Oh, Yasmine, it's Kevin calling...'

Jan 4, 2001
(From Macleans Magazine)

Kevin Zegers is living a life most 15 year olds would die for. Not only does the Woodstock, Ontario teenager have ex-Baywatch star Yasmine Bleeth's phone number- he was handpicked by TV producer Aaron Spelling's new show Titans, scheduled to air this fall. "My mom said it's like Dallas," says Zegers, who was never seen that show, which debuted six years before he was born. "There's a lot of backstabbing."

The grade 10 student, a volleyball and Jet Ski aficionado, began in commercials when he was 6. After a guest appearance on The X-Files, Zegers starred in Disney's Air Bud (1997) and Air Bud: Golden Receiver (1998). Once Titans shooting starts in August, Zegers' parents will alternate months living with him in Los Angeles, and a tutor will help him with his studies. Long term, the actor's goal is to become a teacher. And while he has 32 year old Bleeth's number, given to him while working with her on the made-for-TV movie It Came From The Sky, Zegers is a ways away from the role of sauve leading man. "I've wanted to call her," he laughs, "but I haven't gotten up the (courage) yet."

Where have all the cuties gone?

Why, oh why, is Hollywood stealing away all our homegrown hunks? Sigh
by Rebecca Eckler, National Post

(This article was about young Canadian actors who go to work in the US. Only these paragraphs pertained to Kevin Zegers.)

Then there's Kevin Zegers, 16, of Woodstock, Ont, who is the badass nephew of Victoria Principal in the new Aaron Spelling series Titans.

He moved to L.A. earlier this year to take the role, and his parents take turns living with him to keep him company.

Zegers, also known for his roles in the Air Bud movies and the more recent MVP: Most Valuable Primate, about a monkey who plays hockey, is modest about his new-found hunk status.

"I don't think of myself as someone special that people would go out and look for," Zegers said in a recent interview with the Post. "I just don't think of myself as someone to be desired."

Much of his fan mail, in fact, is answered by his mother.

(NOTE: These two articles were written ~Summer 2000, and were found at http://www.geocities.com/titans_2000_ca/titanskevinarticles.html