Some Things That Stay
Some Things That Stay - Kevin Zegers, 18, with Katie Boland

A first pic from Kevin's newest film
by cpps90
February 7, 2004

Kevin Zegers filmed Some Things That Stay in the summer of 2003 in Toronto. This film is based on the 1999 novel by Sarah Willis which tells the story of 15-year-old Tamara Anderson who is trying to cope with rural life in 1950s America when she learns that her strong-willed mother has just been stricken with tuberculosis.

The film stars Katie Boland, 15, as Tamara. Kevin Zegers plays Rusty Murphy, the neighborhood boy and Tamara’s boyfriend. She and Kevin share a some kissing scenes as well as a skinny-dipping scene where the two had to wear flesh-colored outfits.

Kevin was 18 at the time he made Some Things That Stay. Katie described him as "really hot!"

The film was directed by Gail Harvey (Katie's real-life mother), and is tentatively scheduled for release in spring 2004.

The following photo is a publicity photo that accompanied a February 1 interview with Katie Boland on