Transamerica's Kevin Zegers
Kevin Zegers, People Magazine

People Magazine, Jan 2006
by Sabrina McFarland

His Air Bud films made Kevin Zegers a child star. Now he's moving on from mutts: In Transamerica, Zegers,21, plays a teen street hustler who finds out his dad is a transexual (Felicity Huffman).

Practicing The Pick Up: "In Toronto, where I grew up, I talked to a bunch of hustlers and johns. I sold myself for $350 to a married couple and then proceeded to run out of the bar as fast as possible. Losing weight was a pain because I'm a well-fed Canadian boy. Probably the hardest part was staying away from Ben & Jerry's."

(NOTE from cpps90: Kevin Zegers grew up in Woodstock, not Toronto. In the interview for Out Magazine, Zegers said he sold himself for $700.)

Toughest Scene: " Most people would say when I had to get naked and go in the truck with the john, but for me, that was so far into the movie that I was kind of into it already. It's always the first working day for me, getting accustomed to the crew."

Acting With Felicity Huffman: " The cool thing about Felicity is that she's equally talented and intelligent. It was great to see somebody work so hard. In the car scenes there was no air conditioning, we were driving through Arizona and it was 125 degrees. It's amazing the kinds of things you think of and talk about, like what makes you tick."

His Four Air Bud Flicks: " I was such a sponge at that time. I was 12 years old when I started those movies. I got to talk to so many people and see everyone doing their job. Those things I've stored away. I can now say, ' Oh this reminds me of that crazy guy on the set who wouldn't shut up.'"