Kevin Zegers Is On The Rise!

Nov 2000, Teen Beat
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(NOTE by cpps90: Be sure to look at my comments because some of the information in this article is not correct.)

If you love animal movies and you love sports, then you must know the name Kevin Zegers. He's appeared in both Air Bud movies (about a golden retriever who's got skills when it comes to the basketball court) and he'll be in the third installment called Air Bud: World Pup which will hit theaters later this year. Released this month was MVP (Most Valuable Primate) where Kevin got to work alongside a chimpanzee who's a whiz when it comes to hockey! Don't know much about Kevin? Well, you know that he loves animals, and he looks an awful lot like a young Tom Cruise. (At least we think so!) To get to know him a little better, we're spelling out the facts for ya!


Karate, skateboarding, soccer, football, golf, basketball, swimming, cycling and Rollerblading are just a few of the sports that Kevin loves. You could easily call him a sports fanatic! After all, being featured in films such as Air Bud and MVP, Kevin has had to master many sports (such as basketball and his personal fave, hockey) and he hasn't complained about that fact one bit!


Everyone has a long list of favorites and Kevin is no different. He loves the color blue, thinks that actresses Katie Holmes and Drew Barrymore are excellent and he's wild about food from McDonald's - and that's just the beginning!


Very interested in Kevin? Then visit his official website at!


It seems as though Kevin was born to be in the movies! His very first film role was playing a young Michael J. Fox in Life With Mikey. He's acted alongside heavyweight actors such as Robert DeNiro, Joe Mantegna, Blythe Danner and Timothy Dalton.


North of the border! Kevin is a Canadian through and through. He was born in St. Mary's, Ontario on September 19, 1984 and he makes one cute Cannuck!

Comments by cpps90:
  1. Air Bud:World Pup will not be released in the theaters in the US. It will appear on video on Dec 12.
  2. I don't have any information about Kevin doing karate. Someone might have been thinking of kickboxing.
  3. The website has not been updated for many months now.
  4. Kevin never did a movie with Robert DeNiro. There is a long-running misconception that Kevin was in Great Expectations which co-stars DeNiro. However, the young lead actor in that film was actually Jeremy James Kissner.