MVP Trivia

from Kevin Zegers' film commentary

by cpps90
Jan 30, 2001

The MVP DVD features Kevin in his first feature-length commentary. Here is some information that comes from that commentary.
  1. Kevin hadn't played ice hockey for 6 months before filming MVP, so he was a little rusty.
  2. Kevin was 14 when he made MVP. In real life, Junior B hockey players are mostly 16 - 18, and much taller and heavier than Kevin.
  3. Director Robert Vince pronounces Kevin's name: ZAY-gers, not ZEE-gers.
  4. Steven Westover (Kevin) plays #4, right wing, and is the Nuggets' top scorer. Westover was already a hockey star when his parents moved from California to BC. He has joined the Nuggets in hopes of attracting the attention of hockey scouts. In the end, he is signed on by the WHL.
  5. The WHL (Western Hockey League) is Canada's major junior league hockey group. The players are quite big: average 6'0" tall, 190 - 200 lbs. They are mostly 18 and 19 years old. Some of the players go on to play for the NHL.
  6. All the snow is fake, except for the snow in the tree house scenes.
  7. The Westover home was filmed in a Bed & Breakfast in Vancouver.
  8. The fake snow was made of pig fat!
  9. Director Robert Vince plays one of the hockey players. In one scene, he is shown bashing Kevin into a wall!
  10. In the scene where the audience throws things at Kevin, the egg was thrown by Kevin's dad!
  11. Junior B hockey is the "lowest" level hockey, but they aren't that bad, says Kevin. Some Junior B players have gone on to play for the NHL.
  12. Many of the actors in MVP were local actors in Vancouver.
  13. MVP was filmed in April 1999 in Vancouver on a small budget: $4.5 million.
  14. To save money, cardboard figures were used for the audience.
  15. The audience seen in the climactic Harvest Cup game is actually footage from a Vancouver Cannucks hockey game.
  16. Jamie Renee Smith (Tara) says Kevin took a long time to learn the sign language movements for his scenes.
  17. Kevin says that in the scene where he asks Tara if she was looking at a beaver, he was not using correct American Sign Language, but rather a slang version.
  18. In Kevin's shirtless scene, you can only see his feet when he is using the toilet. Kevin says, those weren't his feet.
  19. The airport scene at the end of the film was shot at a real airport. But they only had about 10 minutes to do the whole scene!
  20. Some of the hockey players in MVP were real-life professionals who played in Europe.
  21. He is 15 in the Production featurette.