Kevin Zegers Q & A with the Canadian hottie

PopStar! Magazine
Dec 2001

If you're a fan of Kevin Zegers, you'll appreciate how exciting it was for us to be able to ask him all about his career. He's like a human website -- you click on "Family" and he tells you about his sisters. Click on his "Acting Credits" and get the scoop on what it was like to star on Titans. We just kept clicking and clicking, using our 100% access to the max.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Yeah. I have two sisters. Krista is 18 and Katie is 15.

Do you spend much time with your siblings?

My older sister and her boyfriend are usually always together and my little sister lives in Toronto, which is two hours away, for figure skating.

Let's talk about your TV work -- did you like being on So Weird?

I was doing Air Bud 3 and I did So Weird right after that. It was a really good experience. It was different than anything I'd ever done before. It expanded my horizons because it was a different role than I've played.

What was it like to be on a classic X-Files episode?

That was right when the show was at its peak and everyone was talking about it. I was lucky to be able to do it at that time. It was a great experience. It was only 10 days of shooting and I'd never met anyone really, really famous at that point so I thought Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were just great. Everyone was really nice and I'm still in contact with the director.

(NOTE: "Revelations," which first aired Dec 15, 1995, was directed by David Nutter.)

When you're acting in a show that's so creepy, do you ever get scared for real?

No. Well, I can see how there are certain scenes when you're scared, but for a different reason. Like in The X-Files during this scene where I'm hanging over a paper shredder, I was scared for a different reason there. [Laughs] Usually the stuff that's supposed to be suspenseful, when you do it six or seven times it's just not as suspenseful. And the music adds a lot to the show, and the way they cut it adds to that.

Was Titans a total blast?

That was so much fun! It was so different than doing movies. I'm really glad that I did it. The people were really great. I came in in the middle and they were really welcoming. I'd never been a regular on a TV show so I wasn't sure, but it was great experience I learned a lot from.

What would you say is your greatest strength in acting -- drama or comedy?

I would have to say dramatic because that's most of the stuff that I've done. That's what I have the most experience at, but there's so many other different genres that I haven't done yet so I wouldn't be able to exactly say what I'm the best at right now.

What was the highlight of starring in all the Air Bud movies?

The best experience was just because after the first two and the beginning of the third -- which had almost all the same people -- it's more like a friendship. That's the thing I cherish the most about the whole thing is the friendships I made. Also, where it brought me in my career. But when I think of those movies, I just have a vision of actors screwing around with grips and electrics, no tension on the set.

Usually, there's always a couple uptight people or people that don't get along with other people, but it was completely not like that on those sets. On the weekends people would go out to lunch orpeople would call me up out o the blue and they'd ask to go skiing or snowboarding, which completely surprised me.

Was Air Bud your first experience working with a trained animal?

Yeah. I spent so much time with Buddy right before we started that it seemed second nature. The dog wasn't nervous and I really wasn't nervous, so we played into that whole thing.

Will there be an Air Bud 4?

I actually have no idea. I'm thinking there might be...but I don't know if I'm gonna be in it.

What kinds of roles are you searching for?

I wanna do something like The Basketball Diaries, something edgy that gives you an opportunity to do a really, really good job acting.

What would you say is your best work so far?

In 4 Days, a Canadian movie we shot in Montreal that was an independent. It went to all the film festivals. That's where I was my best so far. You get better as you go along and I really believe that maybe the next thing that I do will be my best and then the next after that and after that..

How are you most likely to react to someone who's being incredibly rude to you?

I've never been one to jab back at somebody because I usually think that people are only mean or rude or obnoxious for a reason and that's their own personal problem, so I'm never one to tell them to buzz of.. [Laughs] I'm not gonna lash back. I walk away from confrontation.

Pop Quiz! Starring Kevin Zegers!

Superbusy or lots of rest?


Dogs or cats?

[With a tone that says, "Didn't you see Air Bud?"] Dogs...

Junk food or health food?


Going out to parties or staying at home and renting a video?

[Amused] Parties!

Dressing up or going casual?


Acting in movies or acting on TV shows?

Movie acting.

Winning an Oscar or starring in a $100 million-dollar blockbuster?

Winning an Oscar.

Katie Holmes or Angelina Jolie?

Angelina Jolie.

Destiny's Child or 3LW?


Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?

Ummm...[Long pause, then firmly] Neither.
[Pleased with answer] How's that?