Aww Yeah! Kevin Zegers

by Lauren C. Schrade
Photography by Jennifer Rocholl
YM Magazine, May 2004

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Name: Kevin Zegers

Where You've Seen Him: If you missed him in the three Air Bud movies (What? You skipped one?), you can catch him in Dawn of the Dead. He is the dorky but heroic guy slashing zombies.

Where You'll See Him Next: Battling the Headless Horseman in October [2004]'s The Hollow.

Why We Picked Him: It has nothing to do with his brooding smile, his sexy blue eyes, or the fact that he signs all of his love notes in crayon.

Just In Case He Forgets What He's Looking For: Kevin, who's 19 and grew up in St. Mary's, Ontario, Canada [NOTE: Kevin was born in St Mary's, but grew up in Woodstock], can check the tattoo on his left ring finger. (Squint to see it!) It says "CHIBAW," which stands for the six traits his ideal girl will have: "Confidence, honesty, intelligence, beauty, ambition, and wisdom," says Kevin. By the way, he just got out of a relationship and is officially "on the market."

He Can't Wait To Propose: Although Kevin has only been in two serious relationships, he's positive that he wants to get married one day. "It's the way my personality is. Since a young age, I have always wanted to get married and have kids. So when I meet somebody and start dating them, if I can see's a really bad way to approach it."

Don't Call Him The Next Tom Cruise: Kevin's not fond of labels. "If you need to place me in a category, that's fine. But I am nothing like him. Not that there is anything wrong with Tom Cruise, but I definitely have a different plan and path than he has taken."

True Life: I Want To Be A Rap Star: He and Ving Rhames would rap back and forth on the Dawn of the Dead set. But considering Kevin's more a fan of country singer Toby Keith than of 50 Cent, we're guessing Eminem has nothing to worry about.