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At 14, athletic Kevin Zegers was already stronger and better built than many older teen actors.
Kevin Is Hot! - Part II: A Closer Look At Kevin's Muscles! (page 1/2)

One look at Kevin Zegers will convince anyone that this young Canadian is really built!

Kevin Zegers is a dedicated athlete, and has developed a muscular build that is admired by all his fans! But developing muscles like Kevin's, especially his upper body, is a tough job, and takes a lot of work!

Nature has made the job of building a strong upper body very difficult. Unlike the legs which are always working whenever you stand or walk, the upper body is not worked nearly as much. That is why the upper body muscles are generally much smaller than the leg muscles. Even the biceps (the "show-off" muscle in the upper arm) is by nature a small muscle. It is not a surprise, then, that most people are a lot better developed in their legs than they are in their arms or back.

Yet despite all these obstacles, Kevin Zegers, who was barely into his teens, was able to develop his chest and arms to a level that many older lifters could not match.

How did he do it?! By lifting weights!
While TV shows often cast adults in teen roles, the role of Ethan was given to young Kevin Zegers without even an audition! At 15, he already possessed the mature, muscular look of older actors!

Weight-lifting is not for the squeamish
Lifting weights is tiring, time-consuming, and even boring at times. Countless people have taken up lifting, only to quit once they discover just how difficult it is.

Lifting weights can also be dangerous. You have to know what you are doing, or you could hurt yourself! Even someone as strong as Kevin (who is capable of lifting the heaviest iron plates) has to be careful. After all, it's pretty hard to make movies when you're on crutches!

But for all its shortcomings, lifting weights is one of the most efficient of exercises, because it works the muscles more directly and more intensely than any other activity. In one hour, an experienced weightlifter can train almost all the muscles in his body.

As a veteran athlete, Kevin already had the energy and stamina to take on weight-lifting. He began lifting seriously at 14, and progressed rapidly. Kevin put in hours in the gym, sometimes lifting several days in a row as he patiently worked each muscle over and over.

Kevin's hard work paid off handsomely. Through careful training, Kevin built up every feature of a well-trained muscle:
  1. Strength - Kevin increased the capability of his muscles by lifting heavier and heavier weights. He was bench pressing 200 pounds at 14, and eventually built up to 285 !!
  2. Size - As Kevin pushed himself to lift heavier weights, his muscles increased in size to handle the bigger load! By the time he was 17, Kevin's arms were massive!
  3. Definition - Kevin's muscles are completely free of fat, allowing the true size and distinct shape of each muscle to be viewable!
It was evident how much his intense workouts were helping him. By the time he was 15, it was plainly obvious in his movies! Most people would be running to the nearest diet book after gaining that much weight, but not Kevin! He was gaining muscle, and every ounce he added to his body was as rock-solid as the iron plates he lifted!

Time Share
Razor-sharp definition, developed by long hours of training, gives 15-year-old Kevin an imposing appearance.
Time Share: Kevin's Muscles Leave Fans Dazed
While Kevin was filming Time Share (about March 2000), he continued to lift weights when he had free time during shooting. He also supplemented his workouts with basketball, running, and bike-riding. His muscles were kept in top shape, and ready for the cameras!

Kevin's fans finally saw his newly buffed look for the first time when Time Share was first broadcast on June 18, 2000. Although Kevin was still only 15, the sight of the teen actor's chiseled chest and muscular arms took everyone by surprise. News of the amazing sight spread quickly as fans scrambled to get a look at the teen phenom's muscles!

A Closer Look At Kevin's Muscles
Kevin is so well-built, it can be a bit overwhelming to see all his muscles at once! So let's take a look at these awesome muscles one at a time!

Kevin's Arms:
Unless you wear a lot of shorts, chances are your arms are your most often-exposed body parts.  So if a person has been working out, the arms are going to be the first thing that most people will see.  

But muscular arms are notoriously difficult to achieve. Except for pushing on a door or struggling with a stubborn bottle top, most people don't put much stress on their arms. Despite what you see in all the magazines, most guys don't have good arms.

If you have seen The Incredible Mrs Ritchie, you will see Kevin's arms at a time when they at their greatest size. For the role, he boosted his body weight from 145 lbs to 160 lbs, working out heavily to keep it all fat-free. His arms were given generous screen time, and fans could not help but notice their amazing size. Most grownups would be hard-pressed to match the arm size of the teenage Kevin!

But arms as big as Kevin's didn't appear overnight. Kevin has actually been working his arms all his life by playing sports that involve lots of arm work, like ice hockey, football, basketball, and even golf! So when Kevin began to lift weights, his arms already had a good foundation of muscle to build on!

While Kevin did not start serious weight lifting till he was 14, his arms already looked built. Examine these pictures:

Age 13 and 14
Click thumbnail for enlargement.

The first picture shows Kevin at 13 with a tightly-muscled arm that the young jock put to good use in all the throwing scenes in Air Bud 2. The second picture was taken shortly after Kevin turned 14 (Sept 98). Kevin is beginning to look more muscular, even though this was before his intense weight-lifting began.

It is evident that Kevin always had impressive arms: toned, lean, and highly athletic. But when he started lifting weights, Kevin developed in his arms a level of muscular definition that his fans never imagined. You can see the amazing results in these pictures:

Age 15
Click thumbnail for enlargement.

At 15, Kevin's arms are strong and powerful. His muscles are so well-developed, it's seems as if you can see them a mile away!

In the first picture, we see Kevin's entire arm.  The muscles are big without looking over-developed. They display fine definition and balance. 

The second picture shows what an excellent job Kevin has done building his biceps! These biceps ripple with both mass and definition! You can clearly see where both ends of the biceps attach to the rest of his arm! His biceps also display the rarely-seen "football" contour that dramatically highlights the peak of his muscle! And we are only seeing Kevin's biceps relaxed! Can you imagine what his FLEXED biceps would look like??! It would be an unforgettable experience!

The third picture is a dramatic look at the triceps! As Kevin puts pressure on them, we can see how the back of his arm bulges out as his triceps flex. This picture is an excellent example of the overall mass and definition that we see in Kevin's entire arm.

Kevin's arms are truly impressive in both their depth of muscularity and their finely-tuned shape. This is quality muscle.

It may be just a coincidence that as Kevin's arms have grown more muscular, he has been wearing more tight-fitting short-sleeves and even sleeveless shirts in his films. Perhaps more people are noticing his bigger arms and want to show them off in movies. That would certainly be a compliment to this young actor-athlete, who will no doubt continue to train his arms to make them even more muscular than they already are!

Kevin's Arms at age 17:
In the summer of 2002, Kevin filmed Fear of the Dark, which provided an incredible opportunty to see Kevin's arms at age 17.

Using scenes from Fear of the Dark, let's first examine Kevin's right arm:

Age 17- Right Arm
Click thumbnail for enlargement.

The results of Kevin's hard work are obvious. His upper arm is so well-built, it is hard to imagine any other teen actor being able to match its size and massiveness.
Now let's look at Kevin's left arm as he performs a push-up movement:

Age 17 - Left Arm
Click thumbnail for enlargement.

As these pictures show, Kevin's left arm is every bit the equal of his right. The mass of the upper arm is well-balanced by the fine development in his forearm.

It is quite apparent that Kevin did not stop training his arms after his successful gains at 15! On the contrary, he has continued to develop his arms with as much dedication as ever! At 17, his arms literally ripple with power!

Now in his 20s, Kevin Zegers looks more powerful than ever. These scenes from The Narrows (filmed at age 22) show the amazing development he has achieved:

Age 22 - The Narrows
(Still not sure if Kevin can bench 285?! Just look!)

At age 23, Kevin filmed Normal, and decided to give the cameras a lesson in arm development:

Age 23 - Normal
(Building arms like these is not for the squeamish!)

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