Age 16: A portrait of the athletic actor in his teens (Soap Opera Weekly) Age 23: Fully grown and fully muscularized in The Perfect Age of Rock n Roll
  - Age 17 (Fear of the Dark)
- Age 22 (The Narrows)
  The arm that benched 285 lbs  

Kevin's Muscles
(courtesy of The Kevin Zegers Gallery)

(Last edited - September 28, 2009)

Pictures and articles about the athletic Kevin Zegers!

"I've worked out since I was 16. I ran and did cardio."

No doubt about it - Kevin's muscles are hot!

As longtime fans know, sports has always been a big part of the life of popular young actor Kevin Zegers, who feels at home in football, basketball, golf, hockey, lacrosse, swimming, and track. It's not surprising that Kevin has played jocks in many of his early films.

Now, someone as athletic as Kevin is bound to be well-built. But in June 2000, fans found out just how built he was when they saw him in the TV premiere of Showtime's Time Share! The cute young star of the Air Bud films was now 15 years old, and displaying a buffed bod that took everyone by surprise!

Where did Kevin get all those muscles?? Unknown to his fans, Kevin had started to lift weights regularly at his school gym when he was 14. Pushing himself hard, Kevin packed on several pounds of new muscle in only a few months!

Kevin was stronger, too! While still 14 and weighing only around 125 pounds, Kevin lifted an astonishing 200 pounds in bench press! (Teen Beat magazine published an excellent photo of 14-year-old Kevin around the time of this lift!)

By age 15, Kevin reached his normal body weight of 145 lbs. He was bench pressing 205 lbs at this time. His incredible appearance in Titans was undisputed proof of the progress of his workouts. currently states that Kevin can bench press 285 pounds. An E! Entertainment TV interview in August 2002 supports this.

Heavy weightlifting made Kevin's arms really buffed. When he was 17, movie makers seemed to be taking notice. Their cameras were clearly focused on the teen actor's big arms in Fear of the Dark, Wrong Turn, and The Incredible Mrs Ritchie (all available on video/DVD). Pictures of the bare-armed athlete playing with the Hollywood Knights basketball team (2002) also revealed ample evidence of his arm development.

A self-admitted "fitness buff," Kevin believes that staying in shape is a part of his job as an actor. During the filming of Time Share and the TV show Titans, Kevin lifted weights regularly as well as played basketball. By the age of 19, Kevin had taken up distance running and joined a local ice hockey team.

Staying in shape certainly came in handy for his TV guest appearances in Smallville (2003) and House (2004), in which Kevin's characters were seen stripped down for extended scenes. Kevin was up for the task - in fact, his body practically caused a sensation among the fans! His muscles had a leaner and harder look, with razor-sharp definition.

Kevin's acclaimed role in Transamerica featured the buff 19 year old in a way never before seen by fans. Says Kevin:

"I lost a lot of weight for that movie. I am a well-fed Canadian boy; Toby was on the street doing heroin and frail. I'm 21. I had a fairly developed body: I've worked out since I was 16. I ran and did cardio." (Toronto Star interview, Jan. 1, 2006)

Kevin has returned to a buffer look for his extensive independent film work. Several onsite filming photos for The Narrows taken in New York, May 24, 2007, reveal the 22-year-old's powerful look. Kevin's impressive arms were a highlight during his interview from Gardens of the Night as well as in his love scene in Normal. Movie stills from The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll are an invaluable record of Kevin's physical image at 23, displaying his muscular look in numerous shirtless and sleeveless scenes. At 25, Kevin appeared in the popular TV series Gossip Girl which included a scene showing off his well-muscled arm.

Kevin's muscles are a favorite focus of the media, whose photo shoots fequently show him in open shirts, tank tops, and shirtless poses. His near-flawless chest seems to have been created for the camera: fans marvel at its perfect skin complexion and even admire the shape of the nipples sitting upon his vast pecs. Popular movie sites like and publications like Nylon Guys (Fall 2007) inform readers of his strength by mentioning his 285 pound bench press. Kevin was included in People Magazine's "100 Most Beautiful, 2006". Flaunt Magazine reminded readers of Kevin's build in its Feb 2010 issue, featuring a remarkable photo of Kevin wearing an open, sleeveless shirt.

To help fans better appreciate Kevin's hard work, The Kevin Zegers Gallery features Kevin Is Hot!, a 3-part article all about Kevin's muscles, as well as hundreds of pictures that display Kevin's muscles from age 12 to the present. Find out for yourself why Kevin's muscles are so hot!

Kevin Is Hot! A 3-part article about Kevin's muscles!
Part I - A Life In Sports!
Part II - page 1 - A Closer Look At Kevin's Muscles! (arms)
Part II - page 2 - A Closer Look At Kevin's Muscles! (chest, shoulders, back)
Part III - Kevin: How Strong Is He?

Kevin Zegers: Bench Pressing 285 Pounds! (06/27/05)
Kevin Zegers: Bench Pressing 205 Pounds (11/04/00)

A magazine photo that shows Kevin's muscles at 14, taken around the time he lifted 200 lbs

Kevin's Muscles at 17!

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