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Kevin Is Hot! - Part II: A Closer Look At Kevin's Muscles! (page 2/2)

Kevin's Chest:

Building a good chest is the dream of all weightlifters, but it can be a frustrating chore. True, the pectoral muscles are among the largest in the body. But it means that much more work is needed to build them up. The number of guys with under-developed "flat chests" is proof that it takes a lot more than Mother Nature to make your chest muscular.

What does it take to build a powerful chest? Heavy, HEAVY weights!

Pecs are so massive, that small weights can do little more than scratch the surface. Only the biggest plates can work their way deep down into the pecs and generate growth. Unfortunately, a lot of guys are simply not strong enough to handle so much weight, and are left with small or poorly developed chests.

What about Kevin? Can he handle the really heavy plates??? You bet!!! Just look at these pictures:

Age 15 - Kevin's chest
(click thumbnail for enlargement)

Kevin displays the best features of a well-built chest: loads of mass, razor-sharp definition, and a hard, balanced look that blends effectively with the rest of his body. Each pec has been so thoroughly worked, that every square inch displays thick, firm muscularity from top to bottom. Each pec stands apart from the other like a pair of mountain peaks, and the deep crevice between them only amplifies their incredible size.

The first two pictures display the mass and definition of Kevin's chest. Each pec is incredibly muscular and stands out like a mountain peak. The third picture is an excellent profile that highlights his chest's chiseled look.

It is a rare sight to see a chest like this on someone so young! In these scenes from Titans and Time Share, Kevin is only 15 years old, yet his powerful chest seems to dwarf everything in the room! A chest like this could only have been built with big iron plates. And you can be sure that Kevin is using the heaviest barbells as he molds his pecs like a true master!

Kevin's Back:
The back muscles may not be as large as the chest muscles, but they are still hard to develop because they are not very strong. Anyone who has ever tried doing pull-ups or suffered lower back aches from lifting can testify to this. Thus, to develop a muscular back takes as much patience as it does work.

Kevin has an advantage over many in that his years in sports have already built up his back strength. Bending over a lot in ice hockey hits the back directly, and the abrupt movements of a fast game of basketball can inflict considerable stress over the whole back.

It is very difficult not to be impressed with Kevin's back muscles:

Age 15 - Kevin's Back
(click thumbnail for enlargement)

For someone who is still only 15, Kevin's back is amazingly muscular!

His upper back has impressive breadth and is finely defined over the shoulder blades. The middle back is very muscular, not an easy feat since the muscles here are not that big. The lower back blends well with the middle back muscles, and easily matches them in level of muscularity.

Like all experienced weightlifters, Kevin has given his back the triangular tapered look that combines a wide upper back and a lean waistline. This gives structure to his back, combining all the individual muscles into a unit. Kevin's back is so well-built, it can be appreciated as a group of equally impressive parts, or as a magnificently unified whole.

Kevin's back is as much a testament to this dedicated athlete's strength as his amazing chest. Undeveloped guys typically have scrawny backs; they lack the strength to develop a back like Kevin's. But Kevin is one strong guy! And he's used his strength to build a back that is unforgettable!

Kevin's Neck and Shoulders:
Shoulders are very weak muscles. Try lifting a weight with your arm kept straight and rigid. It doesn't take much to exceed the limits of the shoulders.

The neck is usually not the first thing that people notice upon seeing a well-built guy. The neck, unfortunately, is usually a "negative" value: a good, solid neck will probably not impress too many people, but a scrawny neck will definitely be held against you.

The chest and the arms always seem to grab top billing - luckily, Kevin has terrific arms and a fantastic chest! Since Kevin has already scored high in all the major upper body muscles, let's take a look at his less "glamorous" body parts: his neck and shoulders:

Age 15 - Kevin's Neck and Shoulders
(click thumbnail for enlargement)

Kevin has a near-flawless neck. It has thick muscles that give his neck a very sturdy, solid look. His neck is also the perfect length: not too long, not too short. As the 2nd and 3rd pictures show, Kevin's neck displays a good balance in size next to his shoulders and his upper back.

Kevin's shoulders are surprisingly muscular, and deserve much of the credit in creating the wide-bodied look of his excellent upper back! Study the first picture to see how successful he has been building these difficult muscles! Kevin has built up a fine pair of shoulders;  not even his great chest and muscular arms can overshadow them!

Kevin's Stomach:
The stomach is the most unforgiving body part of all.  If you are at all out of shape, you can bet it will first show up in a pot-bellied waistline.   It is certainly one of Nature's worst jokes to see a guy who is skinny all over, yet has a fat gut sagging over his belt!And Kevin?! You'll have a tough time finding any fat on this young athlete's midsection!

Kevin may have built up great muscles in his upper body, but he hasn't neglected his waistline at all!

This 15-year-old's stomach is more than a match for his impressive chest and arms! Yikes! You can smash rocks on a stomach as hard as Kevin's!
Age 15 - Kevin's Stomach

Kevin's abdominal muscles not only prove how muscular Kevin is, they also show how low his overall body fat is. For only thin skin and no fat can allow abdominals like these to show up.

But what is that sticking out of Kevin's side?  Is he growing "love handles"?! Not at all!

The closeup picture shows what this "baby fat" really is:  it's muscle!  These are, in fact, Kevin's obliques!  Oblique muscles are the side muscles, and are very important in providing support for the internal organs. Obliques are among the hardest muscles to develop because there are very few exercises that can reach them. But Kevin has certainly found a way; his obliques stand out like jewels!

Kevin's Muscles: Putting it all together
Now that you have seen Kevin's muscles one at a time, let's take another look of Kevin's entire upper body:

Age 15 - Kevin's Muscles
(click thumbnail for enlargement)

Without a doubt, it takes a tremendous amount of work needed to build a body like Kevin's! Next time you are admiring his muscular arms or his broad back, think about the hours he spent in the gym, lifting those heavy plates! It will certainly give you a better appreciation for the effort he puts out for himself and his lucky fans!

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