Titans Episode Guide

These are plot summaries of all storylines involving Kevin in "Titans".

NOTE: Kevin Zegers did not appear in Episodes 1 and 2.

Episode 3 (18 Oct 00 broadcast):

Gwen Williams is amazed when two officious visitors arrive at her doorstep to "deliver the boy", her abandoned nephew Ethan. The gracious lady gently asks the boy if he is willing to stay with her, and he gives her an indifferent assent. Gwen's daughters, Jenny and Laurie, do not trust the boy, but she insists on letting the boy stay, and even presents him as the guest-of-honor at a family dinner. But the boy resents being "paraded around in a monkey suit" like a prize-horse, and tries to run away. Gwen intercepts him just as he is about to leave, and convinces the bitter teen to stay. She may regret her generosity, however, for she is not aware that Ethan has a dark past of vandalism and a hot temper.

Episode 4 (25 Oct 00 broadcast):

Ethan takes a morning swim before breakfast. But when he casually enters the kitchen and drips water all over the floor, Gwen makes him clean it up. Ethan resents being treated like a kid, but Gwen won't tolerate his arrogance. Gwen then asks if he has read her brochure about a prep school, but Ethan begs to go to a public school instead. Gwen, however, won't give in, and even enlists her ex-husband's help in arranging an entrance interview with the school. Ethan is accepted into the school, and despite his initial reluctance, he is now visibly pleased. Also in this episode, Ethan attends Heather's formal launch of the Dress2K.com web site.

Episode 5 (1 Nov 00 broadcast):

Ethan is getting scuba lessons from Laurie, and frets about Gwen making him take French lessons to get into the Bramley prep school. Later on he sees Jenny, a recovering alcoholic, drinking in the kitchen. He confronts her about it when she tries to make him believe she skipped a theater date because of a migraine. "I know what it's like to be alone," Ethan says, and then tells her something he had never told anyone before: that because of the bruises he'd suffer from his father's beatings, he would only go out when no one else was around.

Episode 6 (8 Nov 00 broadcast):

Ethan's uncle Richard (Heather's husband) has just died of a sudden heart attack. At home, Ethan comforts Jenny, offering a "shoulder to cry on" whenever she needed one. At the funeral wake, he meets Richard's brother Jack for the first time. Ethan recalls how his own mother didn't have a formal get-together when she died. The bitter memory still hurts as he tells Jack that he had barely known Richard when he died. Ethan now wonders if it wouldn't be better just to stay alone: "You get stomped on a lot less."

Episode 7 (15 Nov 00 broadcast):

While using his telescope, Ethan sees an attractive girl (Faith, played by Katie Stuart) who happens to be his next-door neighbor. Much to his surprise later, the girl turns out to be Ethan's new French tutor. Gwen had hired Faith - a star student at the Bramley School - after Ethan's insolence finally drove his first French tutor to quit.

Episode 8 (22 Nov 00 broadcast):

Is the new French tutor turning out to be a bad influence on Ethan? In the opening scene, Faith is seen playing video games with Ethan when they are supposed to be doing French homework. When Gwen comes in, Faith proposes that she take Ethan on a "field trip" to a French film festival. But she uses the occasion to make off with Gwen's car, dragging along the protesting Ethan. During the date, she smooches with Ethan and embarasses him by proclaiming that this was his first kiss. Later on, she plots more mischief at a golf course. But this time Ethan refuses to go along, wanting instead to spend a quiet evening at home. Faith reacts angrily at this apparent cop-out and leaves: "I'm not paid to baby-sit!"

Episode 9 (4 Dec 00 broadcast):

Ethan interrupts Faith's tennis practice demanding to know why the 5 messages he had left for her were never answered. She replies that "Danger" must be in his repertoire before he can gain her interest. Ethan reacts scornfully to this, and then roughly invites her to Chandler's birthday party at the Pulse Club, an invitation she accepts. But no sooner do the two arrive at the club does the man-hungry Faith decide to abandon Ethan on the dance floor in favor of a cute guitar player (real-life guitarist from Box). Ethan leaves, fuming. But later Faith turns the tables. This time, it is Faith who interrupts Ethan on the tennis court. While he rants over her flirting, she turns on her seductive charm, and easily wins back the unresisting Ethan.

Episode 10 (11 Dec 00 broadcast):

When Gwen catches Faith going through her purse, she fires her on the spot as Ethan's French tutor, and then tells Ethan not to see her anymore: "And before you tell me I'm not giving you a choice - I'm not." Ethan, however, not only continues to see her (she's been showing him around during his first day at Bramley School), he (reluctantly) allows her to throw a party at his house while Gwen is out of town. Ethan knows he's going to get in trouble, but is unable to resist Faith's embrace.

Episode 11 (18 Dec 00 broadcast):

Faith's wild party at Gwen's home almost ends in tragedy when Jenny, extremely drunk, nearly drowns in the backyard pool. Fortunately, Jenny recovers, but Gwen is furious with Ethan: "No phone, no television, no going out, and you are grounded until you show me you are capable of behaving responsibly..." But Faith has other plans: she has stolen some money and entices Ethan to go to a cheap hotel (Harvest Motel) to make love. But right in the middle of love-making, Faith confesses that, like Ethan, she is a virgin. Ethan will not push her to make love if she's not ready: "As much as I wanna do this - and I do - I can wait."