from Kevin Zegers

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"There should be an AIDS testing center in every American city. C'mon guys, this needn't be so complicated. What's horrible is that three or four people can get infected before some jackass goes to a testing facility and finds out that he or she has AIDS. "
Interview with a & u Magazine, June 2009
"I don't take crap from anyone who compromises the success of my movies."
Interview with Nylon Guys Magazine, Fall 2007
"When I'm 70, I don't want to look back and realize that all I've done in my life is take...I'm fortunate to live a comfortable life and I want to give something back."
About his charity work..
Interview with Nylon Guys Magazine, Fall 2007
"Most of my roles are in independent films that don't gain me a lot of exposure...My choice of roles might not make sense to some people, but I'll continue focusing on the quality of the project, not the size of its budget...I want to work with directors like Scorcese and Bertolucci, and this is the way to achieve that."
About his current work in independent films.
Interview with Nylon Guys Magazine, Fall 2007
"There's a lot of really, really talented unemployed actors...I think that's something we forget often when we're working."
Interview posted in http://www.metro.co.uk/, Dec 18, 2006
"No...because I only have sex with one person. I can't have sex with everybody. Well, I'm sure I could, I'm 21, but it's never been something I've been aspiring towards. It's not like I wake up in the morning and go 'I'm going to be sexy today,' and walk around and try to attract as many people as possible."
17th Annual MuchMusic Video Awards, Toronto (KP International)
Asked if he enjoyed his new title as sex symbol, June 18, 2006
"I wish I were taller. And I can't grow facial hair. "
People Magazine, 100 Most Beautiful, May 2006
"My publicist always gets mad at me, because I just say whatever I feel...I once said that Dakota Fanning was a freak of nature."
Interview Magazine, March 2006
"I've lived in Studio City for four years and I like it a little bit more now. I wanted to slit my wrists when I first moved there. For three years I lived at the Highland Gardens, which is a hotel in Hollywood. So I pretty much pissed away every cent I made as a kid on hotel rooms."
(about living in Los Angeles)
Interview Magazine, March 2006
"I went to Toronto with my manager [Paul Nicholls] and he showed me the hustler neighborhoods where kids sell themselves. So I went in there and sold myself for $350 and proceeded to run off as fast as possible."
(about the research he did for Transamerica)
Attitude Magazine, March 2006
"Yeah, probably half of my friends are gay and probably half are straight. Most of my representation is gay. Most of my close friends in L.A. are gay. I couldn't care less what somebody does when they're in bed with somebody. It's not something that interests me - unless I want to have sex with them. I have much more fun at gay clubs than I do at straight clubs. "
(Interview with Transamerica director Duncan Tucker )
Out Magazine, Jan 2006
"It is all necessary...Nothing in it is gratuitous. I thought it was all necessary to tell the story. "
(about going nude in Transamerica)
Toronto Star interview with Rita Zekas, Jan 1, 2006
"I grew up in Ingersoll and moved to Woodstock...I never lived in Toronto..."
Toronto Star interview with Rita Zekas, Jan 1, 2006
"I lost a lot of weight for that movie [Transamerica]. I am a well-fed Canadian boy; Toby was on the street doing heroin and frail. I'm 21. I had a fairly developed body: I've worked out since I was 16. I ran and did cardio."
Toronto Star interview with Rita Zekas, Jan 1, 2006
I have fifteen pairs of jeans and 30 pairs of shoes - I'm a total metrosexual.
Teen Vogue Magazine, March 2004
"I don't think of myself as someone special that people would go out and look for...I just don't think of myself as someone to be desired."
(about his new-found hunk status)
written Summer 2000 by Rebecca Eckler, National Post
(This article was found at http://www.geocities.com/titans_2000_ca/titanskevinarticles.html )
"I'll make sure I get my education...But as for leaving Woodstock permanently I can't see it. I like it here so much because it's low key and my friends and family are all here."
July (?), 2000 , Woodstock Sentinel-Review

"I'm an actor, not a model. It's not my job to attract people. That's not what I'm here for."

"Acting's like the best job in the world."
Aug 12, 2000
By Noel Gallagher -- Free Press Television

"I want to have a family and kids someday, and I don't think this industry has a very good family atmosphere...When all is said and done I'm going to be living in Canada with a wife and kids, hopefully."
Aug 8, 2000
Brenda Bouw, National Post (Canada)
"I woke up at, like, 9 a.m., and I played basketball and worked out in the morning until 11 o'clock, and then I ate breakfast..."
BOP magazine, July 2000 issue, on the set of Time Share
Kevin's idea of a perfect Sunday?
"To lay on the beach all day with girls everywhere!"
What would his girlfriend think?
"I don't have one at the moment."
~Oct 2000
Teenmag.com - Kevin Zegers
(Posted on The Kevin Zegers Gallery Nov 17, 2000)

"I don't agree with what he [Eminem] says. But I acknowledge his opinion. Whatever makes one feel better about him/herself... whatever floats your boat."

"I'd have to say that one of my favorite films is "FOUR DAYS" because I played a character that I'd never portrayed before."

I've known Yasmine [Bleeth] for a long time. We've worked together before, so I'm really happy to work with her again. Casper [Van Dien] and I are big fitness buffs so we work-out together. And Victoria [Principal] -- well, she's the best. She's "Mommy."

"Some of my favorite actors are Anthony Hopkins and Jodi Foster. And no, I don't have a girlfriend."

"The last CD I bought was NWA."

"My younger sisters called me Keby when they couldn't talk very well and couldn't say my name. And all my friends call me Ziggy for Zegers."
Dec 22, 2000 -
(Merrick James sent in these addition responses from Kevin to questions from fans. Also, Kevin only has one younger sister.)

TC: Do you have any favorite bands?
KZ: Um, it switches from day to day. I'm kind of into the whole rap thing right now, like Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and all that kind of stuff.

Actually, Subway is my favorite food. Subway, and I like Jamba Juice - their drinks. I also like Fetuccini, steak, basic stuff. Pizza pockets are great, too.

I don't read much, but my favorite book would be Solitary Blue by Cynthia Voight.

TC: What are your hobbies and interests, apart from acting?
KZ: I golf a lot. I work out a lot. I like to go watch sports as much as I can.
interview by Ann Bogart
for Teen Celebrity ( Feb, 2001 issue, on sale Dec 00)

"Our parents like hanging out with us and we like hanging out with them. It's not your typical parent/child relationship; we're more friends."

"Everyone goes through stages where they don't know what they really want to do. For me, it happened when things started really slowing down; I went through a whole year of auditions and didn't book anything."

"There's nothing, to me, that compares to actually working on a set."

"I was used to being in films where I was hanging around with dogs or monkeys, or playing basketball...Four Days was a pretty hard-core movie, which was more challenging for me as an actor."

"There's always work out there and I'm always going to keep trying. This is my favorite thing in the world to do and whether I have to try a little bit harder than other people or whatever, I'm always going to stick with it."
Soap Opera Weekly (Dec19, 2000 issue)

"I've wanted to call her, but I haven't gotten up the (courage) yet. "
(about having Yasmine Bleeth's personal phone number)
written Summer 2000 for Macleans Magazine
(This article was found at http://www.geocities.com/titans_2000_ca/titanskevinarticles.html )
"It's not that I have this special talent for acting. It's all these people I work with who teach me. "
Feb 3, 1998
By Noel Gallagher -- Free Press Entertainment & Lifestyles Reporter
"It's a really popular episode that has been rebroadcast each Christmas since we made it. That's what gave me my biggest exposure."
(Zegers feels he owes his busy film career to an episode of The X-Files)
Aug 6, 1997
By LOUIS B. HOBSON, Calgary Sun
"I've heard myself starting to talk big-headed in front of people and then my mom will come and tell me to stop. In front of people. It embarrasses me, of course, but somebody has to do it sometime."
Aug 1, 1997
By JOE MATYAS, Free Press Arts & Entertainment Reporter
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