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Kevin Is Hot!

Amazing photo of Kevin's muscles at 14!
Out of all of Kevin Zegers' numerous athletic talents, the most talked-about is his incredible weight-lifting ability. After taking up this grueling exercise in his early teens, Kevin progressed so rapidly that he was already lifting 200 lbs in bench press when he was only 14!

The picture below was taken in 1999, around the time Kevin lifted 200 lbs. It first appeared in Teen Beat Magazine, and is perhaps the best view ever of Kevin's muscles during his first year as a weight lifter. (He is wearing ice hockey gear because he was filming M.V.P. at the time.)

Close examination of this photo of Kevin at 14 provides a deeper appreciation for the improvements that he would achieve in future workouts...improvements that the maturer Kevin would display so unforgettably in Time Share and Titans.

Despite its age, this photo continues to be one of Kevin's most popular pictures. In 2003, four years after its first appearance, it was still being sold regularly on eBay!